Democrat Pleads Guilty to Assault After Slapping a Republican, Her Punishment is a Joke

Democrats have a very real problem with facts, so when things don’t go their way they act out.

Republican Congressman Steve Scalise was nearly killed because a crazed leftist went on a shooting rampage.

That’s what Democrats do when their arguments fail – go nuts.

Liberals will hold sit-ins and whine like children while begging for their wants to become law simply because they can’t control their emotions.

And now, because of weak leaders, America finds herself in massive debt largely thanks to entitlement programs.

Check out what happens after this Democrat lawmaker smacks a Republican upside the head (then imagine what the punishment would’ve been had the roles been reversed)…

From Downtrend:

When it comes to debating the issues, liberals don’t have things like facts or intelligent opinions at their disposal, but that doesn’t mean their bag of tricks is completely empty. The have profanity, lies, death threats, and when all else fails, violence. A democratic state Rep. in New Hampshire settled a minor disagreement with a Republican election official by smacking her upside the head. I know what you are thinking, “Wow, this democrat probably got in a lot of trouble over this.” Wrong. Liberals never face consequences for their horrible actions, even in this case where the democrat pled guilty to the crime.

The Concord Monitor reports that there was a recount last November in the race between incumbent Democrat Andrew Hosmer and Republican Harold French. As part of the Republican delegation at the recount, Susan Olson was on hand to observe. At one point Olson politely asked the ballot counters to move the ballots so she could see them more clearly.


This is when State Rep. Katherine Rodgers (pictured), who was there as a democratic observer, decided to move from observation to participation. In her mind, Olson was way out of line for making a polite request, so the democrat smacked the Republican on the side of the head.

“She turns to me and grabs me with one hand and starts to lean in to me like she was going to hug me and basically says, ‘You know, well whatever makes you happy.’ Then she clocked me on the side of the head,” said Olson.

More from Concord Monitor:

A Democratic state representative from Concord has pleaded guilty to assaulting a political foe.

Rep. Katherine Rogers accepted a plea deal on a misdemeanor assault charge Friday that suspends a $1,000 fine for good behavior but requires her to take an anger management class.

The charge stems from an incident that took place last November, during a state Senate race recount at the state archives building on South Fruit Street.

Susan Olsen, a prominent gun-rights activist, was volunteering as a Republican observer to watch the recount between incumbent Democrat Andrew Hosmer and Republican Harold French. Olsen claimed that when she asked counters to move ballots closer so she could better see them, Rogers, who was volunteering as a Democratic observer, smacked her upside the head.

A $1,000 fine and anger management classes?


The fact that even a single American can still support the Corruptocrat Party (which insists on using fists over words in too many instances to name) speaks volumes about their character.

[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]