Cory Booker Posts Feminist Remake of ’12 Days of Christmas,’ and It’s As Bad As You Would Think

Many people at this time of year take the time out to think about the meaning of Christmas. Some think about the real reason for the season – the birth of Christ. Some think about time off from work and time to celebrate with their family members. Kids often think of Santa and the presents they would like to get for Christmas.

All of those thoughts are rather normal Christmas thoughts.

But Sen. Cory Booker (Delusional-NJ) has some new thoughts for you to consider this year.

If you haven’t had enough social justice thoughts for the year already, Booker has a handy way to keep them in your thoughts all wrapped up in carol for ‘Feministmas.’

From Daily Caller:

The poem was a take on the “12 days of Christmas” but instead of turtledoves and gold rings, it demanded equal wages, an end to fat shaming and “no tampon tax.”

People just ripped him for his ridiculous pandering and Christmas revisionism.

The sheer nuttiness of it reminded people who Booker had in the past made up an imaginary friend called ‘T-Bone.’ No joke.

It did however convince Five Thirty Eight’s Nate Silver.

Booker is one of the few people, along with Sen. Kamala Harris, that the Democrats have who is under 70, who are posturing to run for the presidential nomination in 2020.

Protip to Cory? No, Christmas isn’t about ‘tampon tax.’

And pushing that it is wouldn’t go over well in Iowa.

What Donald Trump wants? An opponent in 2020 who reminds people of why they elected Trump to begin with, a social justice warrior.

So if you’re doing it for pandering, it might help with leftists in the primary but will sink you like a stone come November.

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[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]