Girl Asks Santa to Heal Her Cousin of Leukemia, What Happened Next Is Blowing Up The Internet

Bringing your children to see Santa is generally a very happy experience, with great excitement from the kids to tell Santa what they would like for Christmas.

But the Santa Claus at the Bass Pro Shops store in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma got a surprise when he asked little Taylor Dane what she wanted for Christmas.

From Conservative Tribune:

Taylor knew Santa could do anything, so she asked for one thing, and one thing only — for Santa to heal her cousin of leukemia.

Taylor’s dad, Steve Dane, admitted that he choked up a little bit when he heard what his daughter ask for.

“Wow, what a tear jerker to hear your daughter break down to the one she believes can do anything,” Dane said in a Facebook post

If that wasn’t powerful enough, Santa Claus’ response was even more amazing.

Santa has a lot of powers, after all, he can travel around the world and give everyone their presents all in one night. But even he knew it could be important to call for help from someone more powerful.

Santa stopped everything, grabbed the hand of Taylor, and bowed his head to pray.

He prayed that God, the “Great Physician” would heal her cousin. He admitted that God is the only one who can heal, and prayed that God would begin the healing process.

He finished by praying, “In Jesus name.”

Here’s Santa Claus praying with Taylor.

Taylor’s dad, who is a big burly hunter type, said it made him cry.

“I am a big tough guy, but there I stood in my favorite store Bass Pro Shops crying like a baby,” he said. “He has a hundred kids in line, and I’m sure he has had kids all day begging for the toys they want him to bring. This man stops all the commotion and tells her he, even as Santa, does not have the power to heal but knows someone who can.”

Dane said Santa taught his family, and everyone at the store that day, the true meaning of Christmas.

And Dane didn’t want to keep the experience to himself.

Dane said, “Please feel free to share this as I hope this amazing man sees this post and knows how much he touched my family tonight.”

The public obliged. The original Facebook post has been shared over 123,000 times. It’s also now been posted on multiple sites and youtube accounts.

Santa hasn’t yet been identified, but he definitely gave the family a very special Christmas gift.

[Note: This post has been written by Nick Arama]