Meme About Niki Haley Goes Viral With Liberals, Instantly Gets Torn Apart

U.N. Ambassador has become a conservative rock star with the way that she has handled her job. There isn’t a lot of deep affection for the way that the U.N. has treated the United States in the past. So Haley’s strong hand at the helm there has impressed everyone.

Haley has been fully behind President Donald Trump’s decision on recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

She has no problem being the 1 in a 14-1 vote and standing out, unlike the Obama administration who was always bending over for whatever the U.N. wanted.

After many countries voted to condemn the United States for the decision, Haley made it clear that they would not be dictating to us.

She then also announced a party for those countries who didn’t join in the condemnation and both she and Trump said that they would be reevaluating aid to the countries that did join in the condemnation.

The NY Post captured it in their brash style.


This, of course, sent liberals into an overdrive of criticism.

What made some of them especially mad was that Haley, who is of Indian descent, isn’t playing on their team.

She is 100% conservative and one smart lady.

As the daughter of immigrants (legal), they believe she should be a Democrat and if she isn’t, then she’s even worse than someone who doesn’t have that history.

That means she isn’t sufficiently ‘Indian’ enough, just like black conservatives aren’t really black if they’re not Democrats.

This false racist meme was spread, trying to attack her.

Over 1700 likes on that racist trash?

Tweeters corrected his facts. Her name is no more ‘false’ than anyone who takes the last name of her husband.

And then someone dealt ‘Barry Corindia,’ a member of the Resistance, an epic retort.

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[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]