Dying Veteran’s Last Wish To See Star Wars Movie Come True In a Wonderful Way

A dying Vietnam War veteran, Ron Villemaire, had one last wish. It wasn’t a particularly expensive or fancy wish, but it was an important one to him. He really wanted to see the new Star Wars movie, ‘The Last Jedi.’

What made it challenging was that he wasn’t able to get to the theater and sit in it because of his physical situation, with stage 4 cancer.

His daughter, Elizabeth Ngo, had bought the tickets a month ago when he was in better condition but didn’t know what to do to get him there now since his condition had worsened. So she appealed to the public for help.

And fortunately, the force was strong with those who responded.

From Fox News:

The Bedford and New Boston fire departments came through and announced they would take the veteran to a theater.

“We decided to partner to make his dream come true,” New Boston Fire Chief Dan MacDonald said.

On Saturday, Villemaire was visited by Darth Vader at his hospital bed and was transported to O’Neil’s Cinemas for the show. Characters from the movie greeted the veteran upon his arrival at the theater. The theater allowed Villemaire and his family to watch the movie together.

“We’re also big Star Wars fans and we could help him,” Kelly O’Neil, the owner of the theater, told ABC 13. “I think any time you can help someone you should.”

His daughter was very grateful to all who responded.

“I never would’ve believed it would’ve turned out like this,” Ngo said. “I mean this is incredible.”

Villemaire was thrilled and had a marvelous time.

“I hope God will bless each and every one of them just the way I feel blessed right now. He’s definitely with me right now,” he said. “It’s just unbelievable all these people are here and thank God for Star Wars fans!”

What a wonderful community and spirit!

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]