Liberal Senator Asks Americans To Give Voice To The Vulnerable, Backfires In Epic Fashion

It’s hard to believe that Kamala Harris is a United States senator. We get it. California is full of liberals and they have created a situation where a Democrat was going to Washington no matter what when Kamala was running. But come on. She’s in so far over her head it isn’t even funny.

Since she got to Washington, she’s accomplished absolutely nothing besides lecture Americans who disagree with her and grandstand during Senate hearings.

From Real Clear Politics:

At Tuesday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Cali.) was reprimanded by her colleagues for a combative line of questioning that often left the witness unable to answer without being interrupted by the freshman California Democrat.

Harris and Sessions had an intense back and forth where he was left flustered because he was unable to speak without being talked over by the Senator. Eventually, Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) stepped in and broke up the kerfuffle.

Go back and watch the exchange, it’s an embarrassment and the people of California deserve so much better than a political opportunist like Harris.

On top of being rude, Kamala has also been involved in several Twitter gaffes.

Here’s the latest example.

A lot of people thought this tweet was a little odd because Kamala Harris isn’t just a supporter of Planned Parenthood but she’s basically on the payroll.

From Daily Wire:

In the spring of 2016, Planned Parenthood collaborated with officials from then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ office to draft legislation targeting David Daleiden, who videotaped Planned Parenthood (PP) officials discussing the sale of fetal body parts.

As reported by The Washington Times, emails accessed via a Public Records Act request show Beth Parker, chief legal counsel for PP, sending multiple drafts of AB 1671 to Jill Habig, the then-special counsel to Harris. The email chain extended from March 8 until April 14.

Daleiden and his organization, The Center for Medical Progress, secretly videotaped the PP officials, which prompted AB 1671. The bill would amend the penal code to make secretly recording and disseminating communications with health care providers a crime. The bill is waiting for Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature; he has until the end of March.

On April 5, Harris launched a raid on Daleiden’s’s apartment; agents seized his laptop, hard drives and phone. All of the video Daleiden had filmed, “including some very damning footage that has yet to be released to the public,” according to Daleiden, was taken.

A little odd that a politician who does the dirty work for an organization that carries out over 300,000 abortions a year and constantly covers up child rape would be lecturing the rest of us about giving a voice to the vulnerable.

This isn’t Kamala’s first swing and miss on Twitter.

Remember this gem?

Conservative Twitter had a field day with that one.

The problem with California politicians like Kamala Harris and Jerry Brown is that they are ideologues. They don’t care about representing everyone in their state. They only want to represent liberals and that shows when they constantly pander to the left and tell the right to pound sand.

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[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]